Do you have a green and lush backyard and want your retaining wall to blend in? Well we have a solution for you! One way of making your wall look more visually pleasing is by incorporating some greenery and colour with plants. Now don’t get ahead of yourself here, because some plants like to grow long roots and travel in all directions, so you must be careful as to which ones you use! You will need plants that won’t impact the structural integrity of the retaining wall and cause a wall failure.

Our mate Jamie Durie and his team lent their expertise to us and gave us a list of different plants you can use. Since the options are endless and we don’t want to bombard you, we thought we’d start a plant selection of the week series.

So to start off, this week we have recommended a hanging plant, a climbing plant and a screening plant.



The Dichondra Silver Falls pictured below is a hanging plant that can be planted at the top of the retaining wall. As you can see it will grow over and down towards the ground covering the top part of the wall.

A climbing plant called the Ficus Pumila, can be planted at the base of a retaining wall. As the picture depicts it will grow up the retaining wall.

marraya-paniculataLastly, screening hedge such as Murraya Paniculata, are planted in front of the retaining wall. As in this picture, you could even plant some flowers around the hedge to add a pop of colour.